It's time for you to design a business you love, and one that gives back to your meaningful life.

What if you knew how to create success and wealth in the wedding industry?

Right now it might feel like you’re pouring everything into your business but not getting back the clients, income, or personal freedom that got you into this biz in the first place.

you might be stuck in a place right now where you're...


... wondering if you're making the "right" decisions in your business and always fearful you're one step away from making the "wrong decision."


spinning in frantic circles as you wear "all the hats"

... marketer, salesperson, designer, bookkeeper - PLUS deliver an incredible service for your clients. It’s got you on the fast-track to burnout.


watching from the sidelines as your competitors get all the "good" clients

... and those glamorous opportunities, plus their recognition for their work (at least that’s how it looks on Instagram)


wondering when the "freedom and abundance" of working for yourself

... is supposed to kick in, so you can finally just ENJOY yourself. Isn't being your own boss supposed to be FUN?


You shouldn't have to do business alone.
There’s a simpler (much less stressful) way to build your business and create the success you’ve been striving for.

monthly coaching

WeddingPro Insiders have access to a variety of LIVE one-on-one coaching. Get customized feedback on all areas of your business, so that you can confidently make decisions.

on-demand biz library

Get access to a library of on-demand, digital business trainings to go through at your own pace throughout the year. You’ll always be ready for the upcoming season and steps ahead of your competition.

supportive community

There is nothing like surrounding yourself with like-minded go(al) getters. As an Insider, you are encouraged and supported by YOUR fellow insiders, so you can receive support 24/7.

monthly coaching & content

how do we help you transform your business?

the doors to the mastermind are opening in july 2021!

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former wedding planner, published author, podcast host & your biz coach

Hi, I'm candice!

I built my wedding planning and design business, Jubilee Events, from zero to six-figures in the first 2 years.

Before selling my company in 2019 (to focus full-time on mentoring wedding pros like you), my team and I worked with hundreds of clients all over the world, from New York City to Fiji, Vermont to Costa Rica, celebrating moments that mattered in our clients' lives. 

I help wedding pros like you build the kind of business you want

I started Jubilee Events with NO experience, NO contacts, and none of the training or support that’s available in WeddingPro Insiders. Even so, I signed high-end clients from the very start of my business and produced events in excess of $1,000,000.

I went on to write and publish two books, get featured in countless publications, and build a team that supported my business - while I moved to Barbados and married the man of my dreams.

I know what it takes to run a successful wedding industry business. I've been in the trenches, where you've been. I've bustled hundreds of dresses, laid down linens, kept the crazy under control, and busted my ass to build a successful business I was proud of.

I also know how hard it is to be profitable in this industry. I've experienced many of the aches, pains, and challenges you're facing right now and learned how to move past them.

My mission is to...

help you to achieve the same level of success in your business that I've been so fortunate to have in mine.

That is the heart behind every webinar I teach, every Instagram post I share, every course I create and every podcast episode I produce. It's also the heart behind this mastermind.

I’ve taken my 12 years of experience in the wedding industry and created this one-of-a-kind mastermind to give you everything you need to create an in-demand business and brand.

Since joining WPI, I’ve been able to take home a profit every quarter, booked my highest paying clients, and I’ve implemented strategies that have allowed me to spend more time with my family.  

Before joining the mastermind, I struggled with determining how to zero on on attracting my ideal clients. I had recently gone through a rebrand but couldn’t seem to find clients who valued wedding cakes. I also had a hard time being profitable after years of being in business. 

For years I watched Candice mentor other ladies who I admired in the wedding industry ,and I was finally in a position to make the investment.

What I've enjoyed most about working with Candice is her ability to draw on her experiences to advise each woman individually, despite the variety in business and circumstances.

— randi smith, owner of sugar euphoria