the doors to weddingpro insiders close in

It's time for you to design a business you love, and one that gives back to your meaningful life.

What if you knew how to create success and wealth in the wedding industry?

Right now it might feel like you’re pouring everything into your business but not getting back the clients, income, or personal freedom that got you into this biz in the first place.

you might be stuck in a place right now where you're...


... wondering if you're making the "right" decisions in your business and always fearful you're one step away from making the "wrong decision."


spinning in frantic circles as you wear "all the hats"

... marketer, salesperson, designer, bookkeeper - PLUS deliver an incredible service for your clients. It’s got you on the fast-track to burnout.


watching from the sidelines as your competitors get all the "good" clients

... and those glamorous opportunities, plus their recognition for their work (at least that’s how it looks on Instagram)


wondering when the "freedom and abundance" of working for yourself

... is supposed to kick in, so you can finally just ENJOY yourself. Isn't being your own boss supposed to be FUN?


You shouldn't have to do business alone.
There’s a simpler (much less stressful) way to build your business and create the success you’ve been striving for.

Supported by a trusted biz coach whose been where you've been and guides you on making the RIGHT decisions to grow your business

Booked out with dream clients for the entire season, before it even begins

Featured in well-known publications, flown around the world for destination weddings, and doing the work you’re passionate about (while your team handles the rest)

Recognized as an industry leader, sought after for your incredible services, and running a truly successful, exciting business that supports your meaningful life

Uplifted by an inclusive community of women who are building their business right alongside you

Imagine having a business where you’re...

All of this (and so much more) is waiting for you to claim it.




12-months of high-level group coaching and business training designed exclusively for wedding pros who want to attract premium clients, scale their services with ease, and build profitable businesses with purpose.

as seen in



Take decisive action, overcome obstacles as they arise, and make progress toward your goals more quickly



Clarify your offers, pricing, onboarding, and delivery so you have a streamlined service and experience that you AND your clients are obsessed with



Confidently make decisions in your business to build the business YOU want, like book out your biz with quality clients - the kind who see the value of your services and happily pay premium rates for your expertise

With WeddingPro Insiders, you get the step-by-step training and expert support you need to… 



Set up systems, hire the right team members, and create a backend that supports your business while you focus on doing the work you love



And build a profitable brand that gives you the freedom in your business - and your bank account - that you’ve been missing

You’ll have access to the guidance you need to achieve all this - and more. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years.

monthly coaching

WeddingPro Insiders have access to a variety of LIVE one-on-one coaching. Get customized feedback on all areas of your business, so that you can confidently make decisions.

on-demand biz library

Get access to a library of on-demand, digital business trainings to go through at your own pace throughout the year. You’ll always be ready for the upcoming season and steps ahead of your competition.

supportive community

There is nothing like surrounding yourself with like-minded go(al) getters. As an Insider, you are encouraged and supported by YOUR fellow insiders, so you can receive support 24/7.

monthly coaching & content

how do we help you transform your business?

I’ve taken my 12 years of experience in the wedding industry and created this one-of-a-kind mastermind to give you everything you need to create an in-demand business and brand.

former wedding planner, published author, podcast host & your biz coach

Hi, I'm candice!

I built my wedding planning and design business, Jubilee Events, from zero to six-figures in the first 2 years.

Before selling my company in 2019 (to focus full-time on mentoring wedding pros like you), my team and I worked with hundreds of clients all over the world, from New York City to Fiji, Vermont to Costa Rica, celebrating moments that mattered in our clients' lives. 

I help wedding pros like you build the kind of business you want

I started Jubilee Events with NO experience, NO contacts, and none of the training or support that’s available in WeddingPro Insiders. Even so, I signed high-end clients from the very start of my business and produced events in excess of $1,000,000.

I went on to write and publish two books, get featured in countless publications, and build a team that supported my business - while I moved to Barbados and married the man of my dreams.

I know what it takes to run a successful wedding industry business. I've been in the trenches, where you've been. I've bustled hundreds of dresses, laid down linens, kept the crazy under control, and busted my ass to build a successful business I was proud of.

I also know how hard it is to be profitable in this industry. I've experienced many of the aches, pains, and challenges you're facing right now and learned how to move past them.

My mission is to...

help you to achieve the same level of success in your business that I've been so fortunate to have in mine.

That is the heart behind every webinar I teach, every Instagram post I share, every course I create and every podcast episode I produce. It's also the heart behind this mastermind.

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are you ready to stop doing business alone and instead, start designing a business that you love?


Since working with Candice, I've doubled my sales and feel 100x more confident in my business and the decisions I make.

When I started working with Candice, I was struggling with burnout, business plan development, marketing, sales process, systems... pretty much questioning everything I do / self doubt. 

Since working with Candice, I've doubled my sales created a business plan, developed personal and professional goals, launched a new brand and website, implemented a CRM system, created a marketing plan, and expanded service to another city

On a personal note, I feel 100x more confident in my business and with the business decisions I make. Candice could relate to a lot and had the experience/know how on how to navigate through the "muck", helping to make me a stronger person and a better business owner.


Achieving success in your business follows a proven path.

Our Success Blueprint is the 5-stage pathway that transforms your business into a successful, profitable and recognizable brand.

When you join WeddingPro Insiders, you’ll jump into the stage of the Success Blueprint that’s relevant for where you are on your journey.

So you get the customized experience you need for your unique business and goals.



finding your purpose



Building Your Foundation



Building Your Brand



Scaling with Success



Finding Your Freedom

Finding your purpose is discovering why you do what you do, and then learning how you can thread that into every facet of your business. Your ideal customers will connect deeply to your why because it puts them at the center. You’ll learn how to uncover your purpose and how to create marketing, sales, and client experience strategies that align with it.

Finding Your Purpose

stage 1

Think of your business foundation as the foundation for a house. Without a concrete foundation, how will a house stand? It might stay upright for a while, but as soon as a gust of wind rolls by or a crack starts to show, the whole structure starts tumbling down.

That’s the analogy we use when describing how important a foundation is for your business.

As we build your foundation, we’ll write your business plan (or dust off that document you wrote so long ago!) You’ll understand where your business sits in the marketplace, know your strengths and weaknesses, get clear on opportunities and threats, discover YOUR niche and finally, understand who your ideal customers are and what they want.

Building Your Foundation

stage 2

Once we do the hard work on the inside of your business, it’s time to make the outside look just as good. Building a brand isn’t just about your logo, but we’ll work on that too. At this stage, you’re learning more about marketing, messaging, positioning, and creating a signature product or service that your people can’t resist.

Building Your Brand

Stage 3

Now that you’ve built solid footing, we’re ready to take your business to the next level. Scaling a business in the wedding industry isn’t easy, but I’ve taken my own business from treading water to 6-figure months. You’ll learn how to diversify your revenue, price for profit, automate your business with systems and processes, elevate your client experience and discover the transformative strategy of ‘surprise & delight’. Scaling looks different for everyone, so at this stage, customized advice from a mentor is critical.

Scaling with Success

stage 4

Finally, we focus on making time for what matters most to you. You can’t be a victim of your work. That’s why we’re going to help you find your freedom by building a solid and loyal team, systems and processes that let your business work for you, a time management plan, and most importantly, sustainability.

Imagine your business booking clients, managing projects through the finish line, and making money while you live your life.

Finding Your Freedom

stage 5

WPI provides all the tools you need to create a sought-after wedding industry biz, including...




biz trainig library


community support

personalized coaching

You’ll get individualized attention to ask questions, and get personalized advice to guide you through new ideas or existing problems so you are always moving forward.

1 Group Coaching Call per month with individual coaching time per member (you get to choose between several different days/times to best fit your schedule)

2 Office Hours Sessions per month inside the Member Community

Plus individual critiques, guest experts, and more!

Business Training Library

Get access to a library of on-demand, digital business trainings to go through at your own pace throughout the yearYou’ll always be ready for the upcoming season and steps ahead of your competition on topics like:

Client Experience
... and everything in between

I go live every week in the Member Community with additional training on mindset, marketing, and other relevant business topics so you get the latest and greatest advice for what’s happening in the world - in real time.

community support

You’ll be surrounded by a group of other committed wedding pros in a safe space to share ideas, build your network, and get support from your peers 24/7. 

There’s growth that happens in a group that can’t occur when you’re going it alone. This community will become your sounding board, celebrate your wins, and be with you every step of the way.

You shouldn't have to do business alone, and when you're in WeddingPro Insiders, you'll never have to.

Module Four

Module Four

Module Four title

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WeddingPro Insiders is the only group coaching + digital business training designed exclusively for wedding pros - by a 12-year industry veteran.

This is not a low-touch membership program or course - where you’re bombarded with information and then left to your own devices. 

And it’s not like other masterminds - where you get a 10-minute hot seat for a $10K+ investment.

WeddingPro Insiders is a complete 360 business growth experience combining high-level, customized coaching with in-depth training and a community of success-minded peers.

It’s everything you need to build a successful wedding business - no matter where you’re starting from.

The fastest way to reach your goals is to work with someone who’s been where you want to go.

I've had the privilege of mentoring dozens of business owners, helping them achieve their own versions of success.

Here are some of the stories of the women inside this mastermind...

Since joining WPI, I’ve been able to take home a profit every quarter, booked my highest paying clients, and I’ve implemented strategies that have allowed me to spend more time with my family.  

Before joining the mastermind, I struggled with determining how to zero on on attracting my ideal clients. I had recently gone through a rebrand but couldn’t seem to find clients who valued wedding cakes. I also had a hard time being profitable after years of being in business. 

For years I watched Candice mentor other ladies who I admired in the wedding industry ,and I was finally in a position to make the investment.

What I've enjoyed most about working with Candice is her ability to draw on her experiences to advise each woman individually, despite the variety in business and circumstances.

— randi smith, owner of sugar euphoria


45-Minute 1:1 Planning Session with Candice ($350 value)

This private coaching call is your intro into WeddingPro Insiders! We’ll go over your unique business and goals in detail, then create a customized action plan so you make immediate progress (and profit.)

You’ll know exactly where to get started with the WPI content so you can confidently move forward toward your meaningful business and life.

special bonuses

join now and get access to these


Monthly Personalized Accountability Plan ($1000 value)

You’ll have your own Progress & Accountability Plan updated every month after our group coaching calls. 

I’ll make notes and suggestions about your business and next steps during your individual coaching time and add them to a private folder we can both access any time. So we can keep track of where you’re at, hold you accountable to your goals, and celebrate your incredible progress throughout the year!


the business plan blueprint course ($397 value)

Get access to my signature course, The Business Plan Blueprint, and build the solid foundation your company needs. After finishing this 6 module, 6 week course, you'll:

CAST A VISION FOR YOUR BUSINESS: Vision in business is more important now than it ever was. Uncover your long-term vision for your business and the steps to make the business you want a reality

UNCOVER YOUR MISSION, VISION, PURPOSE & CORE VALUES. The heart behind your business will attract the right customers, keep you aligned with your purpose, and help you grow a team.

ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMERS–THE ONES WHO VALUE YOUR WORK AND ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR IT. You get to decide who your dreamiest customers are. Learn how to market, sell and serve the RIGHT customers.

CREATE AN OFFER THAT SOLVES YOUR CUSTOMERS PROBLEMS AND IS PRICED FOR PROFIT. Refine your services and pricing, creating a profitable biz that is scalable and sustainable.

DESIGN A BIZ THAT DOESN'T COMPETE ON PRICE OR SERVICE. You're designing a business that doesn't compete with your competitors, because YOU have become the only option for your ideal clients (aka: hiring you? a no brainer).

CREATE A PLAN TO GROW AND FLOURISH, NO MATTER THE OBSTACLE IN YOUR WAY. Learn how to build a business that was built to last with a sustainability plan. 

Access to our Member Hub

Private Facebook Community

Live Video Trainings & Courses

Membership Area with Trainings, Workbooks, Swipe Files & More

WeddingPro Insiders was created especially for… 

Planners and/or Designers
Stationery Designers

Hair Stylists
Makeup Artists
DJs, Bands & Entertainment
Decor Providers
Rental Companies

Pros who serve the wedding industry (VA's, coaches, educators & more)

WEDDINGPRO INSIDERS IS for you if you're...

Ready to stop playing small. You know what it's like to play small, but you also know no one has done anything great by staying quiet. You're ready to step into your business and your role as CEO. It's time for the industry to hear your voice, so let's make some noise.

Committed to showing up fully. We can't silo our business and our lives, and inside this mastermind, we don't. We encourage our members to show up, be brave, and talk about their business and their life. When you're committed to showing up fully, you're also committed to showing up imperfectly.

Growing a business, not running a business. It's time for coaching when you want to get out of the cycle of staying in the same place and push yourself in new directions. You know it's time for you to hire a team, find the freedom that got you into this business, and create an impact on your clients and our industry.

Diversity, inclusivity and equity are your core values. You don't mess around when it comes to these values in your business and our industry. The world, wedding industry, and YOUR business is a colorful, diverse place– and you're here to keep making it better.

In it to do the work. You're no tire kicker and you know that coaching is an investment - not just in the money you spend - but in your time. Our diverse group of women entrepreneurs show up for their business every day with grit, determination and enthusiasm. You are one of them.

All about learning new ways of doing things. You fully embrace that you don't have the answers and you're here to learn a new way of doing things. Listening to other perspectives and learning from someone's life experience fires you up.

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did you just say hell yes to the above? awesome. then you're in the right place.

i ask the women inside the mastermind why you should join us inside weddingpro insiders...


Now is the time to invest in yourself, your business, and your dreams. 

randi smith

Professional athletes have coaches. Why shouldn't business owners if they're serious about being the best that they can be?

Desirée adams

Do you want to make a change to your business? Work with Candice and she will shoot you straight which will produce real change. 


If you want to scale your business to the next level by someone who has years of experience in the wedding industry and wants to see you succeed, Then this is the program for you. 

marcia simon alphonso

If you are in a place in your business where you feel stuck or lost, consider joining the program. it has provided me and her other students with invaluable support.

alex baillie-david

Candice can offer you a ton of amazing advice and It's worth every penny you spend, but you have to be committed to doing the work. You only get out of it what you put into it. 

Angela Christoforo

It's a great community for learning, growing, and seeing great results, and it doesn't matter where you're starting from - we all learn new things and grow every week in this program.

allison jackson

 It is so much more than business coaching, Candice also makes sure that everything you do gets you closer to the LIFE that you want. 

kara brodhecker

Since WeddingPro Insiders opened its doors our Insiders have...

These results are just a small snapshot of what our Insiders have done - in just 3 months!

BOOKED their highest paying client, EVER - after having the confidence to SELL their biggest package

ATTRACTED their first IDEAL CLIENT and sent off their biggest proposal - EVER

LAUNCHED their new website and brand, without getting stuck in the endless loop of perfection

STARTED an entirely NEW business, created their BRAND and already BOOKED their first group of clients

TOOK AN UNINTERRUPTED VACATION (finally!) after setting up SYSTEMS & PROCESSES that left their business automated

RAISED their pricing and found easy ways to DIVERSIFY their revenue streams (aka make more money by not doing ANYTHING)

MAPPED OUT a new service for their business that will soon be IN DEMAND

HIRED their first team member to take the load off their marketing and generate NEW marketing ideas

SET A DATE to leave their FULL TIME JOB so they can make their business their SOLE INCOME

STARTED SHOWING UP and pushed past their COMFORT ZONE 

The full value of everything inside WPI is over $10,000

This group coaching program is jam packed full of value worth over $10K a year, but you can join now for just $297.


 I have implemented new pricing structures to help raise my income, aligned myself with my businesses MVP, branding voice and marketing strategies, hired an assistant, and so much more.

When I joined WPI I felt my biggest struggle was with pricing my services. What I found was that the underlying struggle to all of it was truly understanding my personal value. After working with Candice I have implemented "ease" while still growing my business. Implementing "ease" was not as easy for me as one might think. This is a constant struggle that Candice always helps to realign me with when I go astray. 

Candice knows where you are at with your business. She pays close attention to where you are, what you've accomplished and how you are managing your business. Her knowing of my business is something that frightened me at first but then I realized that it has only helped me.

— chelsea suddes, owner of pearl weddings & events

Where could you be 3, 6, or 12 months from now - if you decided to make a change?

It’s time to quit slapping bandaids on your business problems and finally get your proverbial shit together. And guess what? You don't have to do it alone

I know you’ve got a lot on your plate between business, family, and other responsibilities. Plan to spend at least 2 hours per week working through the program. And remember, WeddingPro Insiders is designed to help you save time AND money by streamlining your business-building efforts.

This program is designed for wedding pros at any stage of business. Whether you’re just starting out and want to get started with a solid foundation. Or you’ve been running your business for years and want to hit the next level. You’ll have the opportunity to focus on the areas you need for your unique business.

With WeddingPro Insiders you get individual support and attention in a group setting. That means you have access to customized advice and guidance specific to you. PLUS the deeper experience that comes with a community of peers. And WPI is the only way to get business mentorship from me.

You’ll have access to the WeddingPro Insiders coaching support and community for 1 calendar year starting the day you sign up along with the digital Business Training Library, which we add new content to every single month for our members.

There are no refunds available for WeddingPro Insiders. I’m pretty confident, though, that once you get inside the program you won’t want to leave! If you aren’t sure if the program is right for you, schedule a free clarity call with me at the bottom of this page so we can determine if it’s a good fit. 

In business, there are few shortcuts. Designing a business that you love, one that gives back to YOUR meaningful life, is a marathon and not a sprint. As your business coach, I want to be alongside you for the long haul to help you build a profitable  business with purpose. Meaningful growth in business doesn't happen overnight and that's why it's important to commit to coaching for the long-haul.

Click one of the “Apply Now” buttons on this page, complete your application, and you’ll receive an email shortly after with details on how to schedule a private 1-to-1 call with me to chat further!

the doors to weddingpro insiders close in

Not sure if WeddingPro Insiders is the right fit for you?

let's recap real quick

the coaching, trainings & support you'll get when you apply today

monthly coaching


Receive LIVE GROUP COACHING EVERY SINGLE WEEK. You’ll get individualized attention to ask questions, and get personalized advice to guide you through new ideas or existing problems so you are always moving forward.

on-demand library


Get access to a library of on-demand, digital business trainings to go through at your own pace throughout the year. You’ll always be ready for the upcoming season and steps ahead of your competition on topics like: marketing, sales, pricing, client experience, branding, systems, and everything in between



You’ll be surrounded by a group of other committed wedding pros in a safe space to share ideas, build your network, and get support from your peers 24/7.

There’s growth that happens in a group that can’t occur when you’re going it alone. This community will become your sounding board, celebrate your wins, and be with you every step of the way.

You shouldn't have to do business alone, and when you're in WeddingPro Insiders, you'll never have to. 

Apply to Join WeddingPro Insiders

It's important to me that WeddingPro Insiders is the right fit for you and your unique business. To apply for a seat in the mastermind fill out the short form below. Once you submit it, you'll automatically be asked to schedule a 1-to-1 call with me to chat more about your biz and if the mastermind is a good fit!